5 Best ShareASale Affiliate Programs for Newer Food Bloggers

Five Best ShareASale Companies
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I’ve just recently started using ShareASale and after only 1 month I can tell you the 5 best ShareASale Affiliate Programs for newer food bloggers from my experience!  Some fit into other niches too, so check them out!

Before you get started you’ll first need to apply to become a user on the ShareASale website. Once accepted, you can then start applying to individual brands to become an affiliate.  As an affiliate, you are given unique text links and banners to use on your site.  You earn money if someone clicks on one of those links and buys something.  One of the easiest ways to get people interested in a product is to try it yourself and review it.  If you get approved as an affiliate to any of the 5 Best ShareASale companies I’m going to tell you about, they will most likely reach out to you and offer you a product for free to try and review on your blog.  It’s a great way to start building your portfolio for future sponsored (PAID!) posts!

I got approved to these 5 (and MORE) companies with around 10,000 page views a month. My blog is primarily recipe and food related, although I have been expanding recently.  Each one of these companies either reached out to me to offer a free product for review, or I sent them a friendly email asking if they provide complimentary products for bloggers to review.

♦ Vitafive – this is a new vitamin company.  They actually found my blog and asked me to apply to their affiliate program and offered to send me a month’s worth of the vitamin packs of my choice in exchange for my review.  They offer HIGH commissions of 35-45%!   I’ve even had a phone conversation with the affiliate manager (super nice guy!) there about some fun ideas to help both of us be successful!  The vitamins are really good so I’m really excited about this one!

♦ ALOHA – this company sells protein powders, daily greens, and more!  They offer affiliates a refund on the shipping cost of a free trial pack.  I chose the smoothie pack and you can see my recipe posts for them here and here!  You can also earn $10 per lead with this company if someone signs up on the website whether they make a purchase or not.  That is how I earned my first $10 on ShareASale!

♦ Sun Basket – this is an organic meal delivery subscription box.  They offer boxes for special diets as well, like gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo.  The food was so good and very unique – not anything I’d think to make myself but all super delicious!  See my review here!  Affiliates get $20 per sale!

♦ Home Bistro – this is another meal home delivery website, but the food is already prepared and frozen.  It’s nice because it’s not a subscription and you can order what meals you want, whenever you want.  I reached out to them and was given a credit to spend on a few meals on their site to make and review.

♦ The Tea Spot – I also reached out to this company for complimentary samples to review.  I was sent five!  I love tea from what I’m seeing from my post on The Tea Spot – a lot of other people love tea too!


I am an affiliate for several more food-related brands but have not received anything to review or have yet to reach out to them and ask.  However, if you blog about other topics as well as food a few other ShareASale companies to check out are:

♦ Madison Reed (hair color) – will send you a free product and pay you $10 to review it.

♦ Grammarly – an editing plug-in.  They will give you a free one month upgrade and pay you $25 to review it.  It’s actually very useful!  I made so many errors that I would never have caught!

♦ Bean Box – this is a coffee subscription.  They sent me a free box to review and it was good!

I got a little overwhelmed with how many ShareASale companies actually accepted me into their affiliate programs at only 10,000 views per month.  These were the 5 best ShareASale companies for me so far. I’d recommend only reaching out to one or two at a time and only those companies whose products you truly want to help promote.  If you decide to join other sites to apply for sponsored posts, these posts can serve as your example and you’ll be much more likely to get chosen.

Good luck and have fun!


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20 thoughts on “5 Best ShareASale Affiliate Programs for Newer Food Bloggers

    1. I know! I wasn’t even expecting to get one free, I just wanted to expand the beauty section of my blog more – I loved it, I’m definitely a customer now too lol

    1. Thanks Candy! It’s nice to get to try the products before you go advertising them to your readers 🙂

  1. i’m literally obsessed with this post. I haven’t had any luck with shareasale yet, so thanks for all these suggestions!
    xx, Lo {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

    1. I’m still working on it too…there is SO much to figure out and you don’t want to push things you don’t really love

    1. I don’t think so, but you have to apply to each affiliate program and they each have their own requirements.

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