The Perfect Winter Family Vacation at Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos

Looking for the perfect winter family vacation – a vacation that has something for everyone?  Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos is the answer!  With the completion of phase 2 in March 2017, it will be home to America’s largest indoor waterpark and so much more!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

A couple years ago, my fiance, son and I took a vacation to the Poconos.  It’s only a short drive for us so it’s the perfect vacation destination!  My fiance is an avid snowboarder and my son had never been before so I thought it would be a fun trip!

Poconos winter family Vacation

Poconos Winter Family Vacation

My son was instantly bit by the snowboarding bug.  Me, not so much, although I will admit that the snow tubing was a blast.  Thankfully, my best friend and her fiance (now husband) were there as well so she and I hung out in the lodge most of the day.  6-degree temperatures are not my thing either.

Fast forward to today.  We now have two kids (my best friend has a baby now too!) one of which is too young for snowboarding.  That doesn’t stop my fiance and oldest son from wanting to head to the mountains every winter for a family vacation, though!

So, what do you do when half the family loves winter sports, and the other half doesn’t or are incapable of participating??

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

Enter Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in the Poconos!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

This is most definitely where we will be staying on our vacation this year!  The resort has nearly 1,000 guest rooms, a workout center, and a luxury spa!  There are also 3 on-site dining options!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

Kalahari Resorts has plenty of activities to keep everyone happy and busy all day long!  There is a huge family entertainment area where you can play miniature golf, laser tag, and arcade games or you can spend a few hours at the Gorilla Grove Treetop Outdoor Aerial Adventure Park!  But the amenity that I’m looking forward to the most is the indoor water park!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

The second phase of Kalahari Resorts Waterpark will open in March this year, making it America’s largest indoor waterpark!  They will have 8 new slides, an addition to the wave pool, an island cabana, and even a swim up bar!

Check out these photos of some of the phase 2 attractions that are coming in March!  From thrilling new slides, to relaxing wave pools and lazy rivers, everyone in the family will love this water park!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

Even though the older boys love snowboarding, I have a feeling they will be spending more days at the resort than on the mountains this year!  I think it will also be a lot easier to convince some other friends and their families to vacation there with us too!

Kalahari Resorts Poconos

You can get all the details about Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in the Poconos and the new expansion on their website.  They also have locations in Sandusky, Ohio and Wisconsin Dells and will be opening a new location in Rock Round, Texas soon!

Maybe we will see you there this winter too!

Washington DC Weekend

Just this past Labor Day my family enjoyed a Washington DC Weekend!  We crammed a lot into those 2 days, but it was a great experience!

We stayed at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.  You can read more about the hotel (and outrageous parking laws in Washington DC) here!  It was only a short walk to the train station making our commute over to the Smithsonian and other attractions pretty quick and definitely better than driving around trying to find a decent parking space!

Washington DC Weekend - Natural History

Washington DC Weekend - Natural History

Washington DC Weekend - Natural History

Washington DC Weekend - Natural History

We went over to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History first.  I have lived within 2 hours of Washington DC my whole life but had only been once to an art museum.  This was my 9-year-old’s second trip in the past year because he went with his school, but he still enjoyed going again.

After we went through this museum, we had lunch at one of the many food trucks lined up outside. It was either eat at the museum cafe or the food trucks.  It wasn’t bad!  I had falafel, Daryl had a gyro, and Jaxon had pizza.   Poor Benjamin had his usual lunch of turkey and cheese.  The biggest complaint I have is that it can be difficult to find somewhere to sit to eat (or take photos of all our yummy food!) and the sewers and overflowing trashcans all over the area smelled horrible!

We have to bring a small cooler bag with us wherever we go because of Benjamin’s food allergies. The museums were very accommodating, but otherwise, do not allow outside food into the building.

We did A LOT of walking both days.  I was under the impression that once we took the train over to the museum area that everything would be really close to each other, but that wasn’t the case. Next time, I’ll be wearing much more comfortable shoes!

Washington DC Weekend - National Monument

Washington DC Weekend - Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC Weekend - Capital Building

Washington DC Weekend - The White House

In our travels, we saw the National Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Capital Building, and the White House.

For dinner, we ended up getting Chinese take-out because, for some odd reason, Jaxon wanted soup from a Chinese restaurant.  He has never had it before, nor asked for it, but we accommodated his wishes since it was getting late and we were all tired and hungry.  In retrospect, I wish we planned our meals out better because I’m sure Washington DC has some amazing places to eat!

Washington DC Weekend - Air and Space Museum

Washington WC Weekend - Air and Space Museum

The next day, we headed over to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Again, Jaxon had been before, but had a blast anyway!  He really enjoys when he gets to get in things and try them out.  We also watched one of the shows, Journey to the Stars, at the Albert Einstein Planetarium inside.  While admission to the museums is free, some attractions inside cost extra, including the Planetarium shows and a space simulator experience.

After we finished up at the museum, we opted to head home early, rather than trying to squeeze in one more attraction.  Next time I’d really like to go to the National Zoo and see more of the Smithsonian museums!

Have you been to Washington DC?  Where would you want to visit during a Washington DC weekend?  I’m sure there is so much more to see and do!


Washington D.C. Omni Shoreham Hotel Review

Omni Shoreham Hotel Review

A few weeks ago we spent Labor Day weekend in Washington D.C.  I’ve lived within 2 hours of Washington D.C. most of my life, but had only ever been there once.  I had never seen the White House, the National Monument, or the Smithsonian!  My son went with his school last year but this time, we all went! This post is soley the Omni Shoreham Hotel review where we stayed. I’ll share more details about what we did during our trip in another post soon!

Omni Shoreham Hotel Review
Hotel Lobby
Omni Shoreham Hotel Review
Hotel Lobby

Daryl did all the research and planning for this trip.  He ended up booking our family a room at the Omni Shoreham Hotel because it was just a short walk to a train station.  He had initially put the wrong date in and thought our stay was going to be much less expensive than it was, but caught the mistake in time!  He also thought we would have free breakfast and wifi with the room, but that wasn’t the case.  There may be some packages that include breakfast, but for us, it would have been additional so we ate out.  We were able to get free “basic” Wifi when we signed up for their rewards program (also free).  At first I was little upset that we HAD to pay $50 (a day!) for valet parking, but apparently, that’s a law or something in Washington D.C. However, I still feel that the fee is extremely excessive considering the car was parked about 20 feet away from the hotel entrance and it was not covered parking.

Omni Shoreham Hotel Review
Hotel Room
Omni Shoreham Hotel Review
Dressing Room Between the Bedroom and Bathroom
Omni Shoreham Hotel Review

The hotel room itself was clean and very spacious.  We had a huge foyer area with a connecting door to the adjacent room should we have needed to book two rooms.  There was also a huge walk-in closet and a dressing area between the bedroom and the bathroom.  There was a full-length mirror in the dressing area but no stool or hooks to hang clothing on that I can remember. We were fine without those things, but it would have been nice to have.  The beds and pillows were extremely soft.  I prefer a firm mattress these days, but a few years back, I would have loved this bed!

We did not eat at the hotel, nor did we have to call the desk for any requests.  I had planned to stop by the pool and fitness center to take photos, but we just didn’t have time during our short stay.  At the end of our stay, check out was straightforward and our bill was accurate.

Lesson learned on this trip: valet parking at Washington D.C. hotels is required and expensive!

Would we stay here again?  Yes, I would most definitely stay at the Omni Shoreham Hotel again.

I hope you found this Washington D.C. Omni Shoreham Hotel review helpful!  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!



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