Diaper Changing Challenges

Diaper Changing Challenges

When I decided to write a post about our diaper changing challenges, I had no idea just how into his role Benjamin was going to be!  I couldn’t have planned the events I am about to share with you if I tried!

Benjamin has been on the move for a few months now.  From rolling over, to snow plowing (a form of crawling where babies slide on their heads), and now walking, he’s doing it all…and he’s been trying to do it all during every single diaper change as well!   It’s been funny and frustrating all at the same time!  The Huggies Little Snugglers that I just picked up at Walmart Neighborhood Market are keeping him dry and comfortable when he’s actually letting us put them on him! Here are some of our diaper changing challenges, and how we are trying to conquer them!

Rolling Over

Diaper Changing Challenges - Rolling Over

Diaper-Changing-Challenges (4)

Every single time we put him on his changing table or mat to change his diaper, the first thing he wants to do is roll all over.  Usually, he just gets himself sideways and grabs on to the side of the pad while laughing at us as we try over and over again to get him back onto his back.  We were giving him toys to distract him, but he’s over that.  Now, we give him random objects he doesn’t usually get to play with, hence the lens cap in the photo!

Standing Up

Diaper Changing Challenges - Standing Up

Rolling over sometimes leads to standing up if he’s on the mat or the pack-and-play changing table that doesn’t have a buckle.  You can’t take your hands off him so everything has to be ready to go before I put him down.  Then it’s back to attempting to distract him.  If he just won’t cooperate, we move to the floor where it’s safer.  Obviously, the lens cap didn’t keep him occupied too long.

The Escape Artist

Diaper Changing Challenges - Escape Artist

Diaper Changing Challenges - Escape Artist

Being on the floor gives him more room to roll, stand, and escape!  Leave it to my boy to do just that while I was attempting photos for this post.  Not only that, he peed right on the living room floor!  He hasn’t peed without a diaper on in so long!  I was in tears laughing that he actually did this, and like the great mom I am, kept taking pictures to document it!  How do we solve this challenge?  Be faster than the baby.  Easy enough, right?

Diaper-Changing-Challenges (8)

On the run!

After all the rolling and running, I did eventually get a clean diaper on him and he was back at it! Thankfully through all these fun moments, we have Huggies.  They keep Benjamin dry and comfortable through all of his antics and since we’ve started using them, all of our problems with leaky diapers overnight have stopped as well!

Grab a coupon for Huggies diapers from now until December 31, 2016 HERE and a coupon for Huggies Wipes until August 6th HERE, then head to your local Walmart Neighborhood Market to pick some up for your little one along with all your other baby and child care needs at Walmart Supercenter Prices!

Walmart Neighborhood MarketDiaper-Changing-Challenges (30)

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38 thoughts on “Diaper Changing Challenges

  1. Haha. Yeah, once you learn how to change a child on the run (while standing, or sometimes while still running….) then you’re a total pro. I’ve got 3 year old twins and they’re just getting out of diapers now. Our biggest challenge was finding certified organic baby products because the poor little beans would break out when I used the non-organic stuff. Diaper cream, body wash, even the diapers!! We went to organic and biodegradable for everything.

    1. Yes! Our son breaks out in hives with so much, but oddly, not diapers, wipes or the few occasions we’ve used any kind of rash cream. EVERYTHING else is all natural/organic.

    1. Haha I have tried putting my legs over his arms…it has worked but it’s easier for him to pull his arms out since they are shorter than average due to his dwarfism lol…he’s tough!

  2. I do not have kids but I have a nephew who is almost 2 now. When he was a baby, he was so good and would just lay there and laugh while you changed his diaper but once he was mobile, he did not like to lay still!

    1. Nope, I think they like the freedom of not having a diaper on and make a run for it any chance they get!

    1. I know! I have 8 years between my two boys, thought I was done with diapers forever lol, but he’s so stinking cute I’ll chase him down all down if I have to 🙂

  3. I remember these days all too well. My twins are finally in the stage where they will sit still again, but they are also at the stage where we are potty training. I’ve always loved Huggies, and we still use them and the wipes daily.

    1. I can’t wait until he holds still again – if ever! He laughs like it’s a big joke every single time. It probably doesn’t help that we laugh back lol.

  4. First, he is adorable! That hair! And oh man do I feel you on diaper changing challenges. My daughter is 21 months old and sometimes it takes two people to change 1 diaper. Not even kidding. I never thought I’d look forward to potty training but I am because changing her has been awful lately.

    1. Thank you! His hair gets a ton of compliments lol. His dad is bald, so he’s super envious and probably won’t allow me to get him a hair cut until he’s 10!

      I started my oldest potty training at 18 months (he put the seat on his head the first day lol), but didn’t get serious until 2. Luckily he got it really quickly, but this one is gonna take longer, I can tell. He’s much more set in his ways! I’m afraid we have a long way to go ahhhhh.

  5. What a busy boy! My third baby is 3 months right now, I forget how difficult this age is with diaper changing! Lol, I won’t take any of the easy changes for granted!

    1. Thank you Elle! My favorite part of having my babies was seeing what they looked like lol…I’m debating having one more – they are just so awesome!

  6. So so cute! I have my first grandchild – a baby boy now over 7 months old! He is the love of our life and now tries to move, kick and roll over while we are changing his diaper! 🙂

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