February 2016 Income Report for Our Little Everything

February 2016 Income Report for Our Little Everything Main Photo

I suppose instead of titling this “February 2016 Income Report for Our Little Everything,”  I should really just call this post “Lauren’s Income Report for February 2016” because the blog really isn’t making any income yet.  Obviously there is a lot of work to be done still but I have so much to learn to really get this up and going.  For instance:

  • html/css for website design
  • how to use my camera
  • how to take photos of food
  • how to edit those photos
  • how to promote this blog to gain followers
  • how to monetize the blog, other than the Adsense account I already have

and on and on…

I honestly am not expecting to make much money from the actual blog itself for a while still.  I’ve stopped promoting it to take time to edit existing content, now that I’ve learned the basics of SEO (I’m still trying to grasp this completely) and focusing on my photography, editing, and Pinterest, as I think these will eventually lead to my main source of traffic.

In the meantime I need to make some money, somehow.  So in these early income reports,  I will list all the ways I bring money into the home.  It is my hope to eliminate or greatly reduce these other sources as the blog is more successful.  These methods can suck the time right out of your day, but unfortunately, I have to do what I have to do for now.  I don’t *highly* recommend these methods, but they can help, especially in times of need or hardship. I was able to give my kids Christmas last year using these methods!

Here are my February 2016 income totals:

February 2016 Income Totals

And here is the breakdown of the sources I used:

February 2016 Income Sources

If you are interested in learning more about these methods see my post:  10 Tried and True Ways to Make Money Online.  I explain each one in more detail there.

Hopefully we will be watching the blog income increasing month to month.  I am really working hard to learn as much as I can and implementing all that while trying to keep the content interesting and useful to all of you.  If you have any suggestions for future posts or updates, I’d love to hear them!



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