Money Matters

Money will not be a major topic of this blog, but I am a stay at home mom now so I understand how it can be hard to get by on one salary.  It’s a constant battle between needing to be here for my kids vs. all the things I could be giving them and doing with them if I was working full time.  Being here for them easily takes the cake, but a little extra money still helps.

I will share “Money Matters” related to what I do to help my household have a little extra money.  None of these are “get rich” schemes, but all of them help. My hope is that this blog will eventually be my main source of income and I plan to be completely open about the successes (and failures) in monthly financial reports.

To read more about the side jobs I do currently see my post: 10 Tried and True Ways To Make Money Online.


Income Reports

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